Our latest Web Design.

Our latest WordPress website is built on the Pagelines DMS platform. DMS offers gives you a lot of flexibility and easy for beginners and professional web designers. Here is a look at our latest design. It’s still a work in progress but very happy so far! We will add more images as they come or you can check our Facebook page for more examples of our website designs.

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Pagelines New Release.

On March 2cnd the Platform 5 theme was released by Pagelines. It is built on java platform for fast editing with no coding. Pl 5 is great for beginners and pros. Here are the features: very clean, seo friendly, no coding (unless you want) and free! If you want to try it here is the link to Pagelines web designs.

About DMS Development.

DMS is PageLines new framework for creating websites.  The built in editor is ok but can be a pain if you know what you are doing. I disable it for most of my web design work.

It is clean and ultra capable. There are tons of great features and it offers highly customizable options. My favorite part is the ability to create templates in the editor for fast work..

If you’re a designer then you probably have your favorite web design or theme to work with. If you are an individual or blogger, this framework was probably made for you.