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Have you tried Onpage.org? It works. It’s a great tool that is a must for any level SEO! We use one other piece of software now, but used to use six tools. OnPage has replaced all the others so we upgraded our plan (worth every penny). My favorite part of the OnPage tools is the task management and organization. It makes it very easy to stay organized!

ZOOM crawls through your web site just like a search engine would and lists all relevant factors in neatly organized reports. Once it has detected errors they show in panel. Then tasks are set you can start optimizing your web site. Search engines will reward your web site with improved rankings.

ZOOM analyzes the following factors:

  • Website Status Codes
  • Robots.txt.
  • URL Redirects.
  • Use of Pagination.
  • Your Canonical Tags.
  • Plus Robots Attributes.
  • The Page Title.
  • Meta Description.
  • Region / Language.
  • Headlines H1, H2, etc.
  • Keyword Word Statistics.
  • If you have duplicate content.
  • Snippet Tracking..

Reports help with the optimization of these:

  • All Site Images.
  • Your Videos.
  • PDF Files.
  • JavaScript Files.
  • Html and CSS.
  • Website URL ‘s and Length.
  • GET Parameters.
  • File Types & Names.
  • Website Folders.



Sitemap factors:

  • Site Status Codes.
  • Content Header Status.
  • Sitemap / Usage.
  • Order and Prioritization.
  • Updates & Frequency.

Performance reports:

  • SiteLoad and Response Times.
  • Compression Types.
  • Website File Sizes.
  • Web site Cookies.

Linking factors:

  • Link juice & distribution (OPR)..
  • Click Path / Length.
  • Orphaned and Abandoned pages.
  • Check Header Status.
  • Examines the Hierarchy of Links.

We are not affiliated with Yoast or Onpage.org. We rarely endorse products but this is such a good service we had to recommend using them. The bottom line is it works!

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