Mobile Web Design.

mobile web designToday most internet searches are done from mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone. This is why I having a site that’s mobile friendly is so important. Google’s new algorithm now places a high value on whether a site is mobile-friendly. Every Mobile Web Design we create is not only mobile friendly but designed and optimized for mobile devices. This helps to increase traffic to your website and helps retain visitors.

Knowing the type of device people are using to view your mobile website is an important part of the web design process and your Mobile Web Design strategy. Though many people have tablets or smartphones, don’t assume that all visitors do, or that they use an iPhone –  Android phone. It’s very important to look into what types of devices your target audience actually uses. We use analytics and other research to help with the process.

A few other things to consider is how your website visitors use their phones / devices as well as if they have a reliable internet connection. What type of connection is important if use a lot of images or your users will fill out forms from mobile devices.

Key Features.

  1. Optimized images.
  2. Mobile navigation.
  3. Built-in SEO.
  4. Lightweight pages and fast load times.
  5. Social media integration.

How can we help? We can build you a site from scratch, that will work in all browsers, and works on any mobile device. Whether you’re a small business or medium sized business we can help. Contact us to learn how we can help your business grow and learn about our latest design specials.

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