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The mobile phone emulator currently only supports Chrome and Safari. Check your web design for mobile compatibility for free. Follow us on Facebook if you like this tool. For more tools go back to web development blog.

The percentage of all website visitors that come from smartphones and other smart devices is growing fast. Mobile internet users have overtaken desktop and laptop users in terms of web traffic over the last 2 years. So it’s very important theses days not to ignore mobile users when you’re developing a website.

One of the most important things you can do to make a website mobile-friendly is to test with Google’s tools. It the standard for multiple smartphone compliance and tablet platforms. Also, mobile emulators like ours make it easy to test.

Our mobile phone emulator lets you check the responsiveness and functionality of yours or another website across different mobile platforms. Ours supports the iPhone, the iPad, Androids and BlackBerry. You can do this without actually having the devices in hand and no cables. Mobile emulators can help you pinpoint various problems and certain issues with the website and allows you to see errors and fix them.  Try it out. Test a website to see if it’s functional on mobile devices.

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